Pricing On Vsansar Services

The price list for all our services are listed below. 1. Group/Bulk SMS (saved contact numbers on vsansar’s Phone Book only) Offer (Limited Period):  50 paisa (Rs 0.50) only per Page SMS Sign Up  Now # 1st page sms : 80 paisa (240 points) # From 2nd page or every additional page price reduces as

Aggregated News Service In Nepal-Vsansar News

An aggregate news service in Nepal is a platform or organization that compiles news articles, reports, and information from various sources and presents them in a consolidated format for easy access and consumption. These services collect news from a wide range of publications, including newspapers, websites, blogs, and other media outlets. They aim to provide

Job Center Business In Nepal

It seems like you’re interested in information about job centers or starting a business related to job centers. Job centers, often known as employment or career centers, are facilities or organizations that provide various services to help individuals find employment and assist employers in recruiting workers. If you’re thinking about starting a job center business

Real Estate Advertising In Nepal

Real estate advertising in Nepal can be an effective way to promote your properties and real estate services. Here are some tips and strategies for advertising real estate in Nepal: Online Listings: Utilize online platforms like websites, property listing portals, and social media to showcase your properties. Popular websites for real estate listings in Nepal

Web Hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows individuals and organizations to make their websites and web applications accessible on the internet. It involves storing website files, databases, and other resources on a server that is connected to the internet. When users type a web address (URL) into their web browsers, the hosting server delivers the

News Portal Advertising-Vsansar ADS

☞ Ads will be aired on many websites of Nepali news at the same cost. ☞ You can advertise at a much cheaper price than on other websites. V Sansar Online Pvt. Ltd. is collecting and broadcasting advertisements for online portals across the country. Our company is an online advertising and marketing company. It collects

Vsansar SMS

Vsansar Bulk SMS, also known as bulk messaging or bulk text messaging, is a service that allows businesses and organizations to send a large number of SMS messages to a group of recipients simultaneously. It’s an efficient way to communicate with a large audience, whether it be customers, employees, or members of an organization. Here