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☞ Ads will be aired on many websites of Nepali news at the same cost.
☞ You can advertise at a much cheaper price than on other websites.

V Sansar Online Pvt. Ltd. is collecting and broadcasting advertisements for online portals across the country. Our company is an online advertising and marketing company. It collects the advertisements of advertisers from all over the country and broadcasts them on famous online portals. Nowadays, there is a lot of competition in the field of advertisement, so it is necessary for the advertiser to broadcast the advertisement in such a way that it can give a high result at a cheap price. What the advertiser wants to know is the result of his advertisement, how was the performance, how many views, etc. They are ready to pay based on the return of advertisement.

That’s why we have brought a result-oriented advertising service that gives high returns based on views, results and performance. The advertiser is very satisfied with this type of advertisement. You can see the results of the ad, how the performance was, how many views it got, which portals it was aired on, how many days it aired, what is the maximum views (views limit), how much the fee will be, etc., and you can advertise accordingly. Fees will be charged from the advertiser only on the basis of views. In this way, we broadcast the advertisements collected by us on famous online portals across the country. We also pay the service fee to the online portals based on the views of the advertisements.

Benefits to the advertiser

1. Advertising can be done at a much cheaper price than on other websites.

2. The cost will be the same but advertisements will be broadcast on many Nepali news websites (News Portals).

3. Ads will be displayed only in the places you want.

4. Advertisements will continue to be broadcast until the views target of the purchased package is reached.

5. Don’t need dollars to advertise.

6. Get high returns

7. Ads based on Views, Clicks, CPC, CPV, Performance and Results

8. The price you paid will be fully recovered.

9. Broadcasting at a much cheaper price than Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.

10. Ads are effective

11. A simple way to advertise.

12. Comments can be viewed and removed

13. With arrangement of Like, Comment and Share

14. All ads will be boosted on Facebook as a must.

15. Advertisement can also be edited.

How To Register/Create An Account

How To Post An Ad.

Type of advertising broadcast

1. Shared TimeSlot Ads: When broadcasting this type of advertisement, separate advertisements will be displayed on the same screen at different times. We will use Advanced Algorithm to choose which ads to broadcast. This ad is aired on many news portals. Its charges are also cheap.
2. Dedicated Ads: In this, a single ad is broadcasted until a certain view target is reached or until a certain day/time is reached. It will be broadcast on only one website at a time. Its price is higher than that of Shared Timeslot Ads.

There are three types of advertisement formats.
1. JPEG/JPG/PNG Still Image

2. GIF Motion Animation

3. YouTube/Facebook/Twitter Videos

Ad screen size
Max File Size 15mb/ Dimension 400px by 400px OR 1000px:100px)

1. Rectangular JPG, GIF,PNG :

Width: Up To 1000 Pixel and Height Up To 100 Pixel
2. Square JPG, GIF,PNG :

Width: Up To 400 Pixel and Height Up To 400 Pixel
3. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or any other Social Media Video : Width – up to 400 Pixel and Height up to 350 Pixel

The service charge rate will remain the same regardless of the advertisement broadcast in any part of the website. The rate of all formats/types of advertisement will be the same. The duration of advertisement broadcast will be unlimited. What will be charged and how long it will be broadcast will be decided only by Nircool Views. The advertisement will continue to be broadcast until the purchased view limit is reached. Once the specified views limit is reached, the ad will be automatically deactivated

1. Shared TimeSlot Ads Pricing

Maximum views limit price
25 thousand views Rs.1,000-/-
50 Thousand Views Rs.1,700-/-
1 lakh views Rs.3,000/-
3 Lakh Views Rs.9,000
5 Lakh views Rs. 15,000/-
10 Lakh Views Rs.30,000/-
1 Crore Views Rs. 3 Lakh

(Add On Package:  Facebook Boost and sms boost available.)

2. Dedicated Ads with Target Views Pricing

Maximum views limit price
25 thousand views Rs.2,000-/-
50 Thousand Views Rs.3,400-/-
1 lakh views Rs.6,000/-
3 Lakh Views Rs.18,000
5 Lakh views Rs. 30,000/-
10 Lakh Views Rs.60,000/-
1 Crore Views Rs. 6 Lakh
(Add On Package: Facebook Boost and sms boost available.)
3. Dedicated Ads with Duration Pricing: 
Depends on your need.

News agencies and online portals affiliated with us – (Note: the number of agencies will be added gradually) Click Here

See a sample advertisement.

(a) 1000 pixel by 100 pixel example 

(b) 400 pixel by 400 pixel example 

(c) YouTube/Facebook/Twitter Video Promotion example 

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